Lois Hill

Reaching back through centuries and around the globe, designer Lois Hill is inspired by diverse cultures from both past and present.  Designing jewelry combines her greatest passions in life; a love for travel and lost arts, a strong cultural curiosity and a keen sense of adventure. An avid world traveler, fascinated with ancient processes, each of her signature techniques reflects months of study, interpretation and refinement.  Crossing the boundaries of time and culture, Lois has created truly unique jewelry.

The Designer

Spirited, confident and fiercely creative, designer/owner Lois Hill embodies many quintessential qualities of an entrepreneur.  Lois is in a constant state of movement – traveling, researching, creating new product lines and staying relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Lois is a true artist, adventurer, world traveler, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her goal is to share her journey through each piece of jewelry.

The Brand

Designer Lois Hill specializes in lost arts from around the world and reviving them in unconventional ways to create truly timeless jewelry. Her jewelry line has evolved from ancient techniques that she personally has unearthed and reinvented with a contemporary sensibility. Her line incorporates techniques such as hand carving with hammer & chisel, granulation dating back to 3000 B.C. and hand weaving techniques ranging from the 2nd to 18th century.